Welcome to BaseX, the innovative and efficient DEX and liquidity protocol on Base Chain. BaseX is a platform that combines the best of two cutting-edge models: Curve's ve economic model and OlympusDAO's (3,3) game theory. BaseX offers users and liquidity providers unparalleled advantages in terms of rewards, governance, and value creation.

By building on the foundation of Thena, BaseX leverages UniswapV3's concentrated liquidity design and Gamma Strategies' automated CL management to boost capital efficiency and user experience. BaseX also employs a dual-token model that separates utility (BXT) and DAO (BDT) functions within the protocol, ensuring a balanced and sustainable ecosystem for all participants.

BaseX is more than just a DEX, it is also a platform for participating in governance and influencing the direction of BaseX. BaseX is also a partner and collaborator with other projects on Base Chain, fostering deeper bonding and mutual growth within the ecosystem.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in crypto, BaseX will help you get started and enjoy its benefits. Thank you for choosing BaseX as your preferred platform for trading and innovation. Let's explore the amazing world of BaseX together!

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