Decentralized exchanges are always the most used protocols of Defi and the primary source of yield hunters. However, they also face problems such as inefficiency, unfairness, and scattered liquidity. BaseX aims to rewrite the narratives of the DEX tokens, take the best practices from the market, and build the most efficient, worry-free, and fair DEX environment. To achieve our vision, we believe that:

  1. Trades should have minimal slippage. Using CL liquidity in most of the pairs and partnering up with V3 liquidity management protocol are essential.

  2. Transaction fees/Gas efficiency should be low. Most of the trades tend to have a small trade volume, and the real exchange rate also depends on gas costs. Deploying on Base chain itself helps to minimize gas costs.

  3. UI should be intuitive. The whole dApp should be easy to understand for most of the general users, with a clear indication of the APYs, LP pairs, and the staking pools. This can reduce user confusion and enhance DEX participation.

  4. A DEX should be shared with all other ecosystem partners. We want to ensure a co-build & co-own environment in the Base Ecosystem and foster deeper bonding between protocols by the token exchange program

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